My AI Rating

Before we get started, you need to tell the AI a few things about your penis. This information is 100% private. So tell the truth. If you don’t tell the AI the truth, you can’t get an accurate rating.

Self-reported measurements are often unreliable. So if you want a good reading, you’ll want to be honest. If you aren’t sure, do your best to estimate. But if you want to know, you can find the right away to measure a penus below.

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First let's talk about how long your cock is when erect. Size isn't everything but the AI needs your size. Keep in mind the AI wants to know what your length is when erect (from base to tip).
While I realize men don't always know their girth (width) try your best to give your best estimance. Girth is your width (inches) in circumference.
Let's talk about grooming. Tell the AI how you normally keep up with your hair.